Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I didn't want to clean the toilet anyway.

There's a lot of things to do last minute when you know you are going to spend five days in the hospital followed by a few weeks laying around. It might not be last minute stuff for everyone else, but for me, well I've always been a last minute kinda girl. It comes with being an expert procrastinator I guess.

I had today all planned out: get up, wash the bedding, clean the bathroom, wax my eyebrows, veet my legs, meet my friend Darlene for lunch, get my hair cut at 1:30, spend some time with Xander, double check my suitcase, have a glass of wine...

But last night got in my way.

I've been pretty diligent lately about not breathing in the same air space as sick people. I've been faithfully taking Echinaforce and vitamins. I made it to within 36 hours of surgery feeling good other that a marginally sore back.

I think I must have been protecting this sore back as I went to kneel on the floor with Xander in my arms. I twisted wrong and a sudden jolt of pain ripped through me and I was stuck in position. I was neither standing nor kneeling but somewhere in between and locked there. Thank God Jed was home to rescue the baby.

I managed to make it to my bed but an hour later I had to crawl to the bathroom on my hands and knees. I found that if I leaned over at a 90 degree angle and leaned on something, like a table or something, the pain was bearable but as soon as I took the support off my arms the pressure on my back was enormous and it was not fun. Not fun at all.

Leaning on the arms of my computer chair was the perfect height. So that's how I got around for the rest of the night - wheeling my computer chair everywhere while I was hunched over like a chihuahua on a beach ball. If it hadn't been so painful, it really was comical. I shoulda had Jed take a video. (It's too late to fake it now just for the sake of the camera)

When Alb got home he ran and got me some Robaxacet and I popped those every few hours all night. I considered calling a chiropractor in the morning to pop me back into shape. There was no way I could have gotten into the hospital in the condition much less fought with an incised belly getting in and out of bed. But thank you God, though I am still in pain, at least I can stand up today.

I did manage to get my legs shaved and sit in the hairdresser's chair. But I got out of cleaning the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

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