Thursday, September 17, 2009

To the pure all things are pure. To the rest of us.....

I received a phone call yesterday morning from Nancy from my church. Nancy works for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Apparently there's a big convention here in town next weekend. Nancy apologized for the short notice then asked if I would possibly interested in making some centrepieces for the tables. Turns out the woman who was originally going to do it had something else come up.

Since sitting around waiting for the hospital to call doesn't exactly take up all of my time, I had no reason to say no. Before the conversation was over, my mind was already building things with the miniscule fifty dollar budget she gave me.

Nancy isn't part of the decorating and set up crew so she told me she'd get someone else to contact me with details of how many, colour scheme and other things I would need to know. She gave me the name of the woman and I responded, "Oh, she sounds very familiar to me. I must have met her before."

She went on to explain what things she does with the Cancer Society but none of it really connected with me.

"Oh, maybe you met her in the office during Relay for Life. She worked the front desk temporarily for a short time," Nancy explained.

"Yes, maybe."

After I hung up the phone it became one of those things that you just know is going to wake you up at three in the morning saying, "A-ha! That's where I know her from."

However it was only three in the afternoon before I said, "A-ha!"

Followed quickly by, "Oh-oh!"

How do I face Nancy at church now, after vehemently insisting that I somehow knew Sue Johansen - same name as the host of the Sunday Night Sex Show.

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