Friday, September 11, 2009

Just say "Nein."


Apparently it's exciting when the numbers all align like this. The number of weddings and lottery ticket sales skyrocketed on Wednesday, September 9, 2009. It was also an excuse for retail outlets to promote the economy by offering a myriad of "9" related sales. Walmart was no exception.

Numerous times on Facebook that day people posted that Walmart was having a photo sale. You could get 99 photos printed for $9.99. I even had people phone and tell me about this sale. (I dunno, maybe I have a reputation for taking an exorbitant number of digital photos of Xander or something.)

I appreciated people thinking of me and giving me the opportunity to participate in this. However, each time I got a reminder of the sale I thought things through and reasoned why I would not partake in the sale:

  • Costco is my usual place to print and they are only 15 cents per copy regularly - and I've seen them as low as 6 cents at times.
  • How would I limit my choices to just 99 photos?
  • I really don't need a printed copy - everyone has seen all my pics on Facebook and the blog.
  • I don't scrapbook, so I'd end up with a box of disorganized photos- just like I have of each of my own children.
  • The only reason I would do it is because of pressure from others. I am stronger than that!

But as the day wore on the pressure mounted and I had to keep telling myself, "Just say no."

But alas 11pm found me logged into the Walmart site and wading through the Xander files. At least I'm marginally organized on the computer and I have a folder for "Xander's birth," "one month," "two months" etc.

There was no way I could stop at 99. When I discovered you could order as many as you want and the copies were 10 cents each after 99 I managed to keep it to 158 files uploaded.

I picked them up yesterday. The very first thing I noticed when I opened the large envelope was that they were all glossy when I ordered matte. Although I'll never understand why someone would choose to have a glare on their photos, making them difficult to look at, I figured, "Oh well. it was only fifteen bucks. I can live with it."

Then as I'm going through them I start thinking, "Something is off here." Many of these photos are cut off and off centre. It's ridiculous. It's a good thing it was only 15 bucks. Like they say, "You get what you pay for."

And next time there's a 999 sale, I should just practice my limited German skills and just say, "Nein."

The original:

What Walmart printed (on glossy paper)

The original:

Walmart's glossy version:

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