Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clever? Or just 'whatever'?

Ok, give me your honest opinion. Does this not seem exceptionally intelligent to you.
I know I tend to be biased and gush extensively over Xander. Even at times exaggerate my gushiness and enthusiasm for the sake of the blog. But I really do think he's smart.
He was here playing yesterday and as unusual as it was, I did not have a camera pointed in his general direction. I wished I had captured it on video.
He was playing with his foam blocks from Uncle Jed, which he loves. I put the the bucketful on its side just out of his reach on the floor, trying to encourage him to move forward. At the tender age of six months he hasn't quite mastered the art of moving forward and ends up scooting backwards when he tries to move. 
He pushed a couple of times and ended up six or eight inches farther from his goal of the blocks. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but most kids would continue to push themselves away or cry in frustration or get distracted by something else. Not Xander.
He looked purposefully at the blocks. Turned himself a full 180 degrees so he was facing away from the blocks. (Even though there was nothing to distract him in that direction) He scooched himself back 12 inches or so and then immediately turned another 180 and Voila! He could reach the blocks. 
Is it just me, or is that not extreme abstract thinking at it's best for a six month old? He is very clever.


jean said...

Brilliant! thats whatI think! who knew what he was thinking?

Anonymous said...

I remember a grandmother that thought her granddaughter was extremely clever. I'll let you guess who I mean.

elzee said...

Well, I'm certain that had to be Margaret Cutting and her eldest granddaughter.

mari said...

He is amazing! And your right- extreme abstract thinking for six months.. my cousin and I joke about our offspring being 'advanced' every time they do something cool... I think Xander must be advanced too!

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