Thursday, September 3, 2009

Marmalade is as good an excuse as any.

A few weeks ago while looking for an excuse to go for a bike ride we decided to go berry picking at Matt and Cindy's black currant farm in Quesnel.

You may recall my lazy adventures in black currant jam making from last year. Hence when Cindy told of the smaller crop this year due to the hot summer and their lack of irrigation, I almost felt guilty wanting to pick the berries they did have. Then I spied the cases of jam and jelly all stacked up waiting to go to the farmer's market. I handed over a handful of cash and Voila! I had homemade black currant jam. It don't get much easier than that.

She had quite a few varieties to choose from: regular, jam, jelly, sugarless, mixed with other fruits and marmalade. I don't usually care for marmalade but this sounded interesting so I added 2 jars of it to my collection.

I got home and opened a jar of marmalade. I actually enjoyed it. I told Alb it was there and open and suggested he try it sometime, but knowing he probably wouldn't care for it, I avoided putting it in his lunch or on his toast for him.

I was just falling asleep Sunday night and out of the blue Alb says to me, "That jam in my lunch today wasn't very good."

I was so near drifting off to sleep I didn't even have the energy to respond nor apologize for absentmindly putting it in his lunch in the first place.

The next morning with my mind equally groggy, I stumbled towards the bathroom. J comes walking into the kitchen not looking any more awake than I and says, "That jam from Cindy is amazingly fantastic."

Huh? The jar of jam had been open for 3 weeks and suddenly it becomes the hot topic, even when there is no topic. The whole thing struck me as kind of weird that my night would begin and end with opposing opinions on black currant marmalade.

It meant only one thing. Another bike ride was in order. And my opening sentence to Alb as he walked out of the bedroom was, "Change Betty's oil. We're going for a road trip." And two hours later we were headed east to Kamloops.

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