Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pickled in a pool.

It's hot. Really hot. And here in Prince George if we get 30 degree weather for 3 days in a row we consider ourselves having had a decent hot summer. But three weeks of 30 degrees? We just don't know how to deal with it, or so it seems. People are grouchy. Not me, but other people.

I work in the swimming pool industry. It is my job to make sure your water oriented leisure activities are safe and enjoyable. Don't bite my head off because I don't have an odd-sized 13' custom fitted cover for your hunka junk $149 pool you got a Walmart.

Don't get me wrong, you are free to buy what you wanna buy and you can get your water care advice there too. Then you can join the woman who purchased from Zellers and 2 weeks later came to me because she can never get a chlorine reading in her pool and the water is irritating to her children's eyes and skin.

"How much salt should I have to add to a 15 foot pool to get a chlorine reading?" she asked, then added, "I keep adding it and can't get a reading to show up on my test kit."

"What brand of chlorine generator do you have?" I asked.

"Generator? I didn't know you needed a generator. The girl at Zellers just said I could use salt. I've added eight bags so far."

I tried, but failed to hold back laughter. Uh, salt is sodium chloride, not pool chlorine. I can't imagine why the kids eyes and skin are burning. But they probably have no problem staying afloat - it's a mini dead sea. And if somehow the kids did manage to sink and drown, there'd be no need for a casket or cremation - they'd pretty much be pickled in brine.

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Jeremiah said...

I do enjoy working with the public but people always amaze me when they buy stuff on the super cheap and then are amazed when it doesn't meet there expectations. You are luck to work in a work environment that lets you laugh without repercussions. Radioshack, when I worked there, was so screwed up that we could laugh and at times it was the only thing preventing me from physically throwing them from the store

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