Friday, July 24, 2009

I found Lisa!

I rounded the corner of an aisle at Walmart on Wednesday and nearly bumped into a woman with two kids walking beside her cart which held a third.

"You!" I screamed as I pointed a finger into her face, nearly poking her eye out.

I could see terror in her eyes for a brief moment and then recognition rolled across her face and she gave me a haggard smile and said, "Oh, hi."

This was my Lisa.

It had taken me a few hit-and-miss attempts before I stumbled upon Lisa the hairdresser after Kerri moved to Texas. Finding a hairdresser you love and trust is akin to finding a decent spouse.

Not long after vowing to a long an committed relationship, Lisa broke her shoulder and couldn't work for quite a while. When she did get back to work, she was pregnant shortly thereafter. A difficult pregnancy. One in which she was only able to work a few hours a few afternoons a week - pretty much the exact hours I was at work, making it difficult to align our schedules.

Then she decided to work from home after the said child was born. She gave me her number. It was disconnected when I tried to call. And I lost my Lisa.

Wednesday morning I had awoke with an overwhelming feeling of just needing some alone time. I have a fairly large bubble of personal space which I pack with me and I have recently been feeling this bubble being squished.

There have been a number of reasons contributing to this, none of which I feel at liberty to discuss in a public blog. Not the least of which, I'm sure, is the fact that I had been taking an anti-hormone for nearly a year, and have recently quit taking, in preparation for surgery. (Blood clots is a known side effect of this drug.) So as the hormones are free to course through my body once again, I'm feeling like a fourteen year old again - but without the body and energy of a fourteen year old.

I had a shower and got ready to spend the day in retail therapy just to get out.

As I looked in the mirror at my hair that morning I thought, "Oh Kerri, why don't you come home for a visit."

Followed by, "Oh Lisa, where are you?"

This is why I was so thrilled to find Lisa an hour later. I can hardly wait for next Tuesday at noon.

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