Saturday, July 18, 2009

I found Jimmy!

Jimmy had been missing for a day but thanks to the rain storm, I found him! But alas he was dead.

Jimmy is the kitchen phone. His partners are Bob Evans and Beddy. Doesn't everyone name their phone handsets?? Apparently only if you live with Jed.

I went to use the phone and when I turned it on, I could hear recording saying "Please hang up and try your call again." Weird. My hubby was sleeping and I hadn't called anyone yet.

Even after hanging up, the display indicated the line was in use. And so the hunt was on to find all three handsets. Beddy and Bob Evans were easily found, but Jimmy was nowhere to be seen. And because it was "off the hook" the handset pager wouldn't work.

But the weird thing was each time I turned on one of the two handsets I did have, what I heard alternated between hearing background noises (but being unable to determine what I was hearing) getting a dial tone, hearing a recording telling me to hang up and that awful beep-beep-beep that sounds like a fire engine.

If I happened to get a dial tone, my phone indicated that it was on a conference call, but it still worked.

I went to use the phone in the afternoon and when I turned it on, I heard water running. Then a thunder crack. This was a dead giveaway - Jimmy was outside in the rain.

It's sad, but he drowned.

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Shell-Bell said...

Kay, so there has to be a story on why one of your handsets is named after our former youth pastor. (Not just Bob, but Bob Evans) I won't even touch the whole "naming the hand set" thing. Its terribly sad about Jimmy though, will there be a service?

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