Sunday, July 19, 2009

Redneck deck.

We decide to replace the small back deck with a larger one, with a garage underneath, before the new siding gets finished.

Alb and Ken decide it's the perfect size to fit Ken's house down the street so off it comes in one piece. This will eliminate the work entailed in dismantling and reassembling:

Jed puts his hard hat and stop sign to good use, ushering the deck movers down the street. Crowds gather to watch the redneck show:

Big boys have big toys:

Ohhh ... it's starting to come together. I can already imagine my little black Jetta spending the night in her new bedroom.

The floor/roof goes on. The Marathon Duradeck man visits us. The railings go up. Seating for adults and Xander get put in place:

Xander gets a mini pool:

Granny gets a mini pool:

Xander gets a mini playground:

Granny gets a mini playground:

Let the BBQs begin...


mari said...

Looks lovely! You make the reno look so easy with all the pictures of everything happening.. lol

elzee said...

Renos are easy from my vantage point - a lawn chair in the sun.

Alb would have a differing opinion though :)

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