Monday, March 3, 2008

I hope the Easter Bunny has snow shoes.

It's March and it's been a really long cold snowy winter here this year. But once again, we managed to make it through without plowing the driveway. Almost. We've just been driving on it and packing it down each time is snowed. By the end of February our driveway, which is level with the road in summer, had become a 30% grade.

This was all good until the weather started warming up, and then it became 3-foot thick soft mush - no doubt contributing in part to my lost skid plate last week.

We were having company for supper last night, and I didn't want them to lose their vehicle in the driveway and not be able to leave. I love them. I just don't have room for anyone else to stay. So I hired someone with a truck and plow. He no sooner drove away and the flakes started to come down. And they didn't stop.

The parts of my lawn that were beginning to show through are now covered in 10 inches of snow.
And as we were eating dinner someone came to our door and offered to shovel the driveway. .. where was he all winter???

I don't think there will be tulips for Easter in 2 1/2 weeks.

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