Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On the bright side, at least I didn't get a speeding ticket.

As all the snow melts from the yards, a large lake forms at the end of our street. Apparently Volkswagens are not amphibious, and driving through such a lake will remove the skid plate from the underside.

Yesterday, I left last minute for my appointment with Mental Health. This is an appointment we have been waiting to get in to for 4 months, so something as silly as dragging a piece of metal through the streets was not going to stop me from attending it.

I did discover that if I drove exactly 58 km per hour the force was perfect to keep the metal plate elevated in the wind, preventing the horrendous dragging noise that was causing everyone to stare at me. Driving any faster than that created gusts that caused the plate to flap, producing a sort of "whomp, drag, silence, whomp, drag silence." This was even more disturbing than the constant dragging noise when I drove 56km or slower.

It was quite an experience taking the corners through the residential streets and into the parking lot behind the hospital at 58km per hour. I was frazzled and just glad to have arrived intact and on time for my appointment which lasted nearly 2 hours. The last thing on my mind as I walked away from my car towards the door was the fact that Impark rules all the public parking lots in this town. I now owe them $31.80. That sucks.


mari said...

and so - are you mentally healthy?

elzee said...

It's entirely possible that I may have passed the test. My son, who attended the appointment with me, could possibly have a different outcome.

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