Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Melding of the Clans: Prepare ye the feast.

I gave Jade a couple of days to revel in the fact that she has a diamond on her finger. I then casually asked what she was thinking as far as dates for the wedding. Although in my mind I wanted immediate answers to: date, location, colour scheme, number of people in wedding party, number of guests, etc etc. I remained calm and casual. And I got a casual response. "I've always wanted a June wedding. And I'd like it outside." Ah good, so I have 15 months to play the part of wedding planner. Not.

All of their friends are telling them to have the wedding right away or they'll never do it. (Apparently some of them have been in the planning stages for up to 7 years now) They obviously don't know Jade's mother-in-law. But anyway, lest their wedding dreams slip away, it shall be held this year.

I totally overwhelmed the poor bride-to-be when I gave her 2 days to find a location and set a date so we could get the invitations on the go and get moving with plans. I did however manage to squeeze in a little more prep-time by convincing them there are far too many mosquitoes in PG in June for an outdoor wedding.

The location is set: Vivian Lake, 29 km out of town on Chief Lake Rd
The date is tentative: July 25-27 (I am still holding a glimmer of hope for an extra month and going with Aug 15-17, but my hope is fading fast) I know David's wedding is the week before this in July, but there are about a gazillion events in the family this summer, so every weekend is either right after or right before something else.
Theme is set: It will medieval. Guests are expected to attend in appropriate garb.
The time is approximately set: Ceremony will be about 6pm on Friday, with pig roast feasting to follow.
Cabins are rented: there is plenty of room for RV camping all around the wedding site and guests are encouraged to bring their families and camp all weekend (I believe its $14 per night; there are no hook ups)

Invitations will go out shortly with solid details, maps and info.

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mari said...

End of July - I thought she wanted a June wedding..? I suppose 2 months is not really long enough..
The last medieval wedding I attended I sewed my own outfit fashioned after the squires off of A Knights Tale.. everyone else showed up in royal attire. I won't make the same mistake twice!

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