Who wants to marry a hundredaire?

... apparently Jade does!

And now we get to make wedding plans. I find this very exciting.
Poor Jade. She has had very little experience with weddings and such. I hope she can hold her own against me, who always has a ton of off-the-wall ideas of what might be cool.

There is no date set. I think she's still in shock that she actually has a diamond on her finger. (Even though it's the wrong finger, cuz the ring needs to be sized) She is sure she wants an outdoor wedding. Here in Prince George, that pretty much narrows it down to a 3 week period. She knows the colour. And it just so happens I have an entire wedding planned in that same colour scheme. But I think I'll just subtly drop ideas one-by-one rather than dump the wedding on her in one shot.

As mother of the groom I, of course, will need a fabulous new outfit so I look great in photos. How one is supposed to look great in photos weighing as much as I do is another matter. I think I'll go make a plate of nachos and pour a glass of wine and consider how I might shed some pounds before the big event.


Anonymous said…
thars nuttin sexier than a wining nacho bod!!!!
Anonymous said…
quit laughin packer
mari said…
a 3 week period for an outdoor wedding? Ours was outside in May - but we had backup in case of bad weather...
Congrats you two! The hundredairs are good men.
Anonymous said…
I love my wife smoky more that words or actions can express, she is smarter and more talented than any one I know and on top of putting up with my idiosyncrasies she buys me screech whenever I run out, luvyoe babe !!!!!!!!!! :<{()~~~~~~~~~~~~~
elzee said…
... and sometimes he drinks that Screech at 5:30 in the morning :)

PS: luvyoe2

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