Thursday, September 2, 2010

Xander Salamander.

Tomorrow Xander will be 18 months old. Being marginally biased, I have to say he is a very clever little boy. And cute. Definitely cute. And well behaved.

I credit God and good genes for all these attributes. Before he was even born, I prayed that the child would be born healthy, but my real request was that he would be kind and smart. God has honoured this and thrown in cute and well behaved as well.

He loves computers. (He'll replay the Gummy Bear song 30 times in a row if you let him.)

He is definitely cute.

He loves rubber ducks. He has many, but there are two whose beaks are slightly different than the others, and he has always favoured them. We call them Fat Lips and Skinny Lips. He will gladly share his ducky collection with you, but Fat Lips and Skinny Lips, not so much.

He loves doing crafts. Here he's designing a mug for Daddy's birthday.

And did I mention he was cute. Definitely cute.

While he is a long way from being "potty trained" by sixteen months he was regularly peeing and pooping in the potty. (And yeah, regularly unrolling all the toilet paper.)

He loves books, and loves our library dates.

His favourite colouring books are puzzle books. (See, he is a smart boy .. I'm not making this stuff up.)

Yes, he's smart and kind, and cute and well behaved. But he's still a boy.

And thank you God, his musicality tends towards the Ziemer side. He loves, loves, loves his guitar.

His love for guitar probably stems in part from his love, love, love for his PaPa.

And a great PaPa he is. I kinda love, love, love them both.

Notice Fat Lips and Skinny Lips each in hand.

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