An App a day keeps the frustration at bay.

I used to love learning. I always loved school (not necessarily "going to school" but the learning part) and doing puzzles and things like that. But I have a fairly short stick-with-it-even-when-it-is-difficult-to-grasp attention span - hence I never went on to become a famous researcher able to save the world or anything like that. I tend to lean more to the creative side where you can just make stuff up as you go along and pretend that's what you intended.

I loved learning about computers and all that entailed back in the late 80's and the 90's. Besides actually learning about computers, I loved that they assisted you in learning other stuff - click a button to search or view and voila the information I required is at hand. Editing written stuff became a snap. I've long since given up reading books. On those occasions when I'm doing a group study or something I find it frustrating being unable to click on "find" and "search".

Even our TV watching has changed drastically with the invention of the PVR. We rarely watch commercials - you just press a button and zip to where you want to go. I even find myself occasionally in 'real life' subconsciously and momentarily wanting to press the back or forward button if I miss seeing or hearing something. - Someone should invent the ability to do that.

But I'm aging and my brain is slowing down as it gets crammed fuller and fuller with stuff. I no longer thrive on learning - I just wanna know it. I want to be able to plug my brain in and just download stuff. Take for example our new iPhones. I don't want to spend the time, effort and adventure of the process of learning it - I just wanna know how to use it. I want the destination without the journey.

My husband is forever reminding me that "life is a journey" hang on and enjoy the ride. Until our death, we will never arrive, there is always something else coming over the horizon. And so on that note, I shall resist frustration, enter the iPhone "Apps Store" and continue on my journey of learning.  


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