Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Key events of a Tuesday.

Tuesdays are usually Gummy Bear Song day - Xander spends the day with Granny while Mommy goes to work.

I opened the door yesterday morning to his little knock and he stood there at his full 27 (or whatever) inches holding up Mommy's car key towards me saying, "Key. Key. Key." One syllable words are good. While his comprehension and understanding are great, verbally... let's just say he's a boy. He hasn't mastered too many 2 syllable words yet. Apple is "ap" and PaPa is "Pop" etc.

He did his usual routine - shoes off, run check out his guitar, pull a few books off the shelf, turn on the TV in the spare room, open the goldfish cracker cupboard, lift the lid and check out his potty... all while toting the car key. He was not keen on giving it up when Mommy had to leave so I grabbed my key off the counter and offered to trade him. He gladly accepted, kissed Mommy goodbye and set about his business.

It was a while later before I really paid attention to some sort of racket going on outside. It was my car. I'm sure the neighbours were impressed with the horn blaring incessantly. Oops. Keys with panic alarms aren't exactly kids toys I guess.

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mari said...

oh yep... I have the same issue with my neighbors! lol

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