Friday, September 3, 2010

When I'm up I can't get down.

I've always been a bit of a Great Big Sea fan. And yesterday while I was out shopping I couldn't help but reminded of this song - one of their biggest hits:
"When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down)"
I am the fountain of affection

I'm the instrument of joy

And to keep the good times rolling

I'm the boy, I'm the boy,

You know the world could be our oyster,

You just put your trust in me,

Cause we'll keep the good times rolling

Wait and see, wait and see....oh wait and see!

His exhaltation, a sweet disintegration.

A few discolorations, then it comes along

up is why he chooses, the kisses and the bruises

There ain't nothing he refuses, then it comes along

It comes along, and I am lifted, I am lifted, I am lifted!

When I'm up I can't get down

Can't get down, can't get level

When I'm up I can't get down

Get my feet back on the ground

When I'm up I can't get down

Can't get down, can't get level

When I'm up I can't get down

Get my feet back on the ground

I was shopping in Liquidation World, which is on the upper floor of a furniture store. You can access it either from the top level of the parkade or from the antique escalators coming up from the furniture store.

I pushed my cart past two women, whom I assume were mother and adult daughter, fresh off the farm with their floral calf-length dresses and coiled up hair.

They had obviously entered the store via the "up" escalator and were preparing to leave with their bag of treasures. I couldn't help but be privvy to their conversation when they discovered the "down" escalator was not moving.

"Oh no! The escalator is not working," one of them exclaims as they both look around frantically like cornered tigers.

They mutter back and forth to each other wondering what to do.

The elder turns to me and asks, "How do you exit the store when the escalator is not working?"

"Um," I say, trying really hard not to let my sarcastic nature take over. "Why don't you try walking down the steps as if they are stairs."

"Oh. Yes, of course." If she was embarassed she did a good job of disguising it.

And I walked away humming Great Big Sea's "When I'm up, I can't get down...."


Anonymous said...

now the humming! I wish I was there to hear THAT!!!

elzee said...

You wouldn't have recognized it.

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