Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weather, wasps and weeds.

As far as weather goes, we've had a record breaking fantastic summer here in PG. Even back in May and June when the rest of the province (including the Okanagan, where we were stationed while Jed was in hospital) got rain nearly every day.

Of course good weather leads to forest fires, smokey air, and campfire bans with million-dollar fines.
Thankfully our portable fire pit remained legal. Camping is just not the same when you sit in a circle and stare at nothing.

Then last week we got our first rain of the summer and the fire ban was lifted. This meant the wasp colony living under Jed's sidewalk could be dealt with. The had burrowed a huge tunnel right under the cement. This of course was my reason for not weeding the flower beds.

Jed dressed in combat gear and filled in the mouth to the tunnel with sand... only his father forgot to tell him to wait until AFTER dark so the wasps would all be inside. I looked out the window just before dusk and there was a massive cloud of wasps hanging over the sidewalk. It was then I realized Jed had blocked the opening and the little buggers were trying to go home for the night.

No stick is long enough for me to consider poking a hole through to a wasp nest. But Jed braved it. And once he got them all settled into bed, out came the gasoline and matches. Now that's how to make a fire!

And now to deal with the 3-foot weed jungle.

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