Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The X factor.

My sister reminded me a few weeks ago that I never even bothered to blog about Xander's first birthday in March. Unthinkably sad, but true. I haven't blogged about the wee child, who is the very light of my life, in quite some time. I guess I feel like I am continually inundating people with X on Facebook, so he gets neglected on the blog even though I know it's two different audiences.

About two weeks before his actual March 3rd birthday PaPa, Granny, Mommy and Xander took a little road trip to Kamloops so he could celebrate his birthday in style. Well, in Toys-R-US I mean.

And it is tradition in my family for Nana (who was "Grandma" back when my kids were 1) to put her expert cake decorating skills to use and provide the one-year-old with his/her very own cake to smush and eat. While my kids were raised on coke and candy, Xander's cake at Nana's house was his introduction to sugar products. He wasn't exactly sure it was food, but he did a pretty good job with the smush part.

It was great to have a family dinner in Nana's new kitchen.

Aunty Brandi treated him like a big boy and gave him a glass plate and a placemat at the table one night. Oops, I guess one-year-old isn't exactly 'big boy' yet.

However, he was big enough for a first haircut. We attempted this in Brandi and Kore's living room.

We redid it the next day at Cuts for Kids.

Toys-R-Us was probably more fun for adults than for baby, but hey...

Mommy heads for the smart-boy stuff.

PaPa checks out the vehicles.

Aunty Brandi takes care of the fashion department.

Xander's had enough and leads Granny to the check-out line.

And then March 3rd arrives. Granny's house is not all that large, but it is bigger than Mommy's house and so that is where spaghetti dinner and cake were served to 8 children under two, 6 kids between three and thirteen, and 16 adults. The word bedlam comes to mind.

Xander arrived early to check out the decorations and such. I have to say the 26 dollar tank of helium from Costco was one of my best investments to date. It came with 50 balloons and we've bought more since and it just keeps filling 'em up. Every time Xander comes for a visit, his first action is to head downstairs for his floating balloon - a much better treat than getting something sugary as a reward for his visit.

Am I really going to finally get access to all those presents that have been piling up and teasing me since Christmas time??

We didn't make everyone endure the endless gift opening. He opened the ones from guests and then we broke away for cake time.

And the winner of the cake eating contest is....

After all the guest go home and a nice bath, Xander finishes the gift opening extravaganza.

He is definitely a well-loved and very blessed little boy. (He is NOT spoiled. Yes, he has lots of love and lots of stuff, but spoiled children are whiny, demanding and self centered. Our Xander is not.)

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jean said...

the winner of the cake eating contest looks like hes in a real sugar overload high!

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