Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a hoot!

Seventy. When you say it, it sounds old. Only old people turn 70.  But if you say "Today is my Dad's seventieth birthday" and imagine my dad in your head, it somehow becomes just an ordinary number cuz my dad's not old. He's very experienced but he's not old.

However, old or not old, when someone reaches a milestone birthday it's only appropriate to acknowledge it in a meaningful way. I was pondering this the other day and feeling minor pangs of guilt because we both were working this weekend and cannot make it to Kamloops to help celebrate. I phoned Brandi, who lives in Kamloops not too far from Grandpa, to ask what the family there had planned.

"We're going to take him to Hooters," she said.

"Oh," was my reply. I had no other words to offer. I immediately but silently cast blame for this hairbrained idea on my elder brother. And my mind's eye saw Kore and Colin shouting a hearty "Amen!" to the idea.

"We wanted to do something nice for him," Brandi said, then went on to explain that they were going to Vancouver for the weekend but they would be home by late Sunday afternoon in plenty of time for their 6 o'clock reservation.

She talked for a few more minutes and then I could no longer contain my thoughts, "Bran, do you think Grandpa is going to be comfortable with that?"

"Um, oh. Maybe not. I dunno," she sounded mildly dumbfounded. "Because of the people?"

"Well, they're not exactly the sort of crowd Grandpa hangs out with." I went on to explain, kind of confused that it even needed to be explained at all as I envisioned scantily clad, barely legal women with large silcone breasts serving beer on a tray. 

"Oh, I always thought they were sort of like Mormons or something," Brandi replied. "I didn't know it was anything unacceptable."

"What??!! Brandi, Hooter's is a bar that might be fine for celebrating someone's 19th birthday or even a 30th or 40th, but I just don't think Grandpa will be comfortable there."

"Aha-haha ha! I said Hoodoos, not Hooters!"

We both nearly peed our pants laughing.

Happy Birthday Dad. We love ya and wish we could be there to celebrate!

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Anonymous said...

I think he would love it....he's old, not dead. I remember him in his younger days......

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