Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cancer Sucks!

Cancer Sucks! And it affects you, and it affects me.

Once again our Pink Panter’s Relay for Life Team will be panting our way around the relay track for 24 hours (May 8-9) in an effort to raise havoc, awareness and most importantly funds, for the Canadian Cancer Society.

We call ourselves “Pink” because of my 2008 early diagnosis with breast cancer, however the funds we raise are in support of eradicating all types of cancer.

We call ourselves “Panters” (not to be confused with panthers) because we are by no means athletes – we will be panting our way around the track.

Relay For Life provides the unique opportunity to get together with family and friends to CELEBRATE cancer survivors, REMEMBER and honour loved ones lost to cancer, and FIGHT BACK for a future without cancer. And we do exactly that – with a heavy emphasis on the “celebrate” part. Basically we spend 24 hours partying and making fools of ourselves because we are excited to have taken your money and contributed it towards a world without cancer.

The Cancer Society's theme this year is "Fight Back" and they encourage everyone to dress up and decorate their tent space accordingly. We tend to do our own theme - "Pink. And leaning towards tacky" Perhaps I'll find some pink boxing gloves to fight back with.

You know how I hate to beg. But for you, I am begging – PLEASE DONATE
(just do it now, so you don’t forget ... click on the link below the beautiful photo of Shaelena)

Once again we have a fabulous handmade quilt to raffle off – ask for your tickets. We’d even appreciate you taking a book or two and selling them.

We always accept your donation of time as well. Come out and walk with us (you don’t need to register and raise money, but it would be great if you did) We have tons of cool and unique prizes for everyone who walks. We've been collecting amazing pink things all year!

Thanks so much! ~ Liana

Did you know the Canadian Cancer Society makes more impact, against more cancers, in more communities than any other charity in Canada? The Society does everything it can to prevent cancer, save lives and support those living with cancer.
Help us win. Join the fight. Make a donation today.
If you donate online through my Fightback Headquarters your tax receipt will be sent instantly to your email inbox helping reduce receipting costs.
Thank you for joining the fight!
Need information? Visit www.cancer.ca or call 1.888.939.3333

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