Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, I don't care too much for pink. However that has not stopped me from being obsessed with it of late.  

Relay for Life is the one day of the year I become "pinkified" for our team the Pink Panters. While the ultimate goal of the weekend is to raise massive amounts of money for cancer research and patient support services, our mini goal is to have massive amounts of fun - tainted with tackiness and laced with laughter. 

As team leaders, we want each person who comes out to walk with us to feel appreciated and so we have a draw bucket. Last year we had about a half dozen prizes and a few dozen "Thanks for comin' out" cards. Each time someone walked for half an hour they got to test their luck and draw from the bucket. (Oh yeah, all the prizes were pink: a set of garden tools, scissors, a leather tool belt etc) 

Time after time when people drew the "Thanks for comin' out" cards I felt bad and decided then and there that next year every person who walked for 30 minutes would get something. As so began my year long pink quest. Every time I am out shopping I have my eyes wandering about in search of anything pink and inexpensive. I love clearance-clearance bins! 

I've managed to collect a pretty wide variety of items ranging from fancy mugs, to golf balls, to a USB drive with a pink breast cancer ribbon on it, pencils, an umbrella, pink M&M's, a pink shoe-shaped scotch tape dispenser and the list goes on. And on. And on.

A few weeks ago I said was not buying another damn pink thing. But once you've spent a year in this mode, it's near impossible to stop. And the pink box just keeps expanding.

And then there's the tent decorations. And my costume.

I was walking through Zellers the other day and they had stacks and stacks of adironak chairs in brown, beige and white. And there in the midst of them all were two pink - pepto bismal pink- chairs. I don't know about you, but I take an image like that as a direct sign from God that I was supposed to buy those chairs. We already had four brown chairs of this style on our deck. And we really could use a couple more of them I reasoned. And wouldn't they look fantastic sitting at the entrance of our relay tent. I decided that when Alb got home with the truck I'd have him run me back to get them.

When Albert got home I actually forgot all about them until nearly closing time, when I had him race me down to the mall.

The two chairs I had seen were near the mall entrance of the store, but since we'd parked near the other entrance I thought it would be faster to go to the patio furniture department to grab a couple of them from what would surely be stacks more of pink chairs.

There were none there. My heart sank. Surely those two chairs at the mall entrance would have been long scooped up by someone by now - six hours had passed.

But alas, I guess the demand for pepto bismal chairs is not quite as high as I anticipated.

Thanks to an ebay footwear find, my costume is nearly complete. The Relay theme this year is "Fight Back" and our team theme is pink. So what better way to fight back than with pink boxing gloves, pink high-high top runners, pink hair and a pink t-shirt that says "fight like a girl." I'm all set.

Chances are, if I had just donated all the money I've spent in the last year I could have single-handly found a cure for cancer.

But if you want to help fund that cure you can do so RIGHT HERE.  

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nice hair:)

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