Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's like traveling without leaving home.

Ok, so I signed up for this five year drug therapy because I was under the impression that hot flashes were the number one side effect. But can I just react like everyone else? Noooo. I have to rebel and be freezing all the time. However, this has allowed me to justify buying 2 new sweaters this week.

I've been experiencing another kind of weird thing. I don't know if it's drug related, or just that I'm so tired and have had a lot of things on the go lately, but I've had memory lapses it's not really memory loss - just forgetting things.

I have always had a good memory. As a matter of fact it's my memory that got me through high school in as good of shape as I did. It allowed me to skip 17 of 51 classes in the 2nd term of grade 10 math and still pull off a high B+. It's allowed me to win numerous "50 bucks, 50 bucks" from Jimmy. And I've always assumed I'd have it with me.

And you know what assume does.... (and just in case you don't - it makes an ass out of u and me.)

The other day at work, my boss asked me to look up our massage chair factory rep's email address and order 3 chairs. I immediately got on the task. And while I was interrupted briefly to help a customer, it wasn't long before I had our sauna rep's email open and I stared blankly at the computer trying to remember why the heck I was looking her up. I asked my co-workers if any of them knew. I finally had to admit defeat and went to the boss and said, "I have Kristi's address, now tell me again why you asked me to find it."

"No! It's not Kristi the sauna girl, it's Tammy from massage chairs......" I completely had no recollection of her instructions from 5 minutes previous.

Then twice yesterday I was driving to familiar places and I had no idea where I was. As I drove down Van Bien Ave towards the church, a trip I take a number of times each week, I totally didn't recognize what street I was on. It only lasted probably less than 2 seconds. I was in complete control of my vehicle, and I knew I was headed to the church but I felt like I was driving through a strange town. Very bizarre.

The same thing happened last night as I neared Westwood Dr coming down Ferry Ave. Again a road I drive almost daily, but I had a total out of mind experience - knowing where I wanted to be, but not recognizing where I was for a brief flash of time. It's kind of unsettling, but hey, it's a cheap vacation.


Anonymous said...

looks like it is either menory or mammery

uncle Dan

Anonymous said...

That should be "memory" or mammery


elzee said...

But heck, I've lost chunks of both!

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