Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here's to you, Mom!

Yay! Jed has spent two nights in his new basement suite.

I still need to shovel out the spare room that he had been occupying for the last number of months. Since he has everything he needs for life and survival in his suite already, just about everything in the room is headed for the dump. Except for the items of mine that I've been missing for while and am sure to find buried beneath teddy bears, blankets and past issues of the Free Press. (I'm not even sure what these items are, but I am certain I will find some.)

Sunday night was his last night to sleep "at our house." He was in the bedroom supposedly getting ready for bed for while when he emerged with a present for me. He had blown up a blue surgical glove and drew a face on it. The back side of it said "To Mom. Love Jed. 22" I assume the 22 just stands for his age, but was probably influenced by the hockey signatures he has been around since becoming a volunteer at Cougar games this past week.

I thanked him for the beautiful treasure and set it on the floor beside my desk after he went to bed.

The next morning the blue man had deflated and Jed's true feelings towards me shone through:

Yes, he'd given me the finger!


Brandi said...

omg, i'm rotflmao!!!! hahaha! i'm crying! :D tooooo funny!! :)

Brandi said...

Yep, still cry-laughing!!

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