Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Face Up On Dash

Jade popped in for a bit after work today. I thought that was nice and was enjoying just sitting and visiting with her when she asked, "What time do you think the medical lab will be open until?"

Oh crap. I completely forgot that she had asked me the other day if I could give her a ride to get some blood work done because she passed out last time.

I'd been cleaning out the shop so I can have my winter parking spot back. My clothes were really grubby, I had only combed my hair with my fingers today and had on no make up. What the heck. It's only a 5 minute jaunt into the lab...

I didn't bother to change my clothes, fix my hair or paint my face. I didn't bother to buy a parking pass.

We got into the lab where Jade was informed she had to drink the orange potion and wait for one hour before she could give blood. The lab was open for 61 more minutes. 1 minute to drink, 60 minutes to wait. Good timing. Good thing I didn't waste time running after a parking meter.

After she drank it, we went to head out the door to find something to do for 45 minutes. Oh no you don't! They no longer allow you to leave. "Some people react to the syrup," was their excuse. Uh yeah, way to inform the pregnant lady that what she had already drank was potentially dangerous.

Jade was a little concerned about that. However, I think between Lucy and I, we convinced her that the real truth is that people often leave and forget to come back, or "accidentally" eat or drink something and that's a big waste of the orange syrup.

Anyway it was about 75 minutes later before we headed back to the car. Darkness was just starting to settle in but I could clearly see a little white ticket-size paper on my windshield. Arrgh! Here I was doing a good deed and I get punished.

Closer inspection showed that it was not in fact a parking fine, but a paid parking ticket. Someone had obviously had time left on their ticket and noticed I didn't have one, so they inserted it under my wiper. Wasn't that nice? Such a little thing, yet it sure perked up my day (especially after first thinking it was a fine). God bless you secret person, may you find a twenty dollar bill somewhere.

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