Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas threw up at my house.

Yes, Christmas has thrown up all over my house. I'd like to take credit for that hilarious statement, but I plagiarized it from a Facebook comment. But that doesn't change the facts: there is Christmas mess waist deep. And the sad part is, my house is not getting any beautifying benefit from it.

Starting in September, I became the Official Church Decorator and I am taking my job way too seriously. I've decided to totally revamp the seasonal d├ęcor. After numerous years of same-old same-old, there will be nothing red anywhere in the building. I didn't even dig through the boxes stashed under the stairs to find salvageable items to use. With the exception of the 3 huge wreaths, I just bought everything new in blue and purple and silver.

I had a humbly meagre yearly budget to work with. I blew through that in the first 8 minutes of September.

The official church decorating day is Wednesday. I've put out an invitation for anyone who wants to participate to be there. On one hand I hope lots of help shows up - it's a hu-massive job. On the other hand, I'm too controlling to want anyone else to have any input. I know I have a bit of an off-the-wall concept for decorating, but as a general rule once I'm finished, most people find it acceptable. I just hate having to explain my concepts to raised eyebrow expressions- it intimidates me and makes me second guess my vision.

Meanwhile, I have the wreaths torn apart and spread all over my dining room. My counters are spread with twenty 12" trees. There are dozens of bows made up, piles of lights, bits of ribbon and discarded packaging everywhere. I even dropped and shattered a Christmas ball, but I can't get to it to sweep it up, so there's shards of silver under my table.

I can hardly wait for Wednesday evening so I can clean it up ... and start again with Christmas puke for my own home.

I know my dining room is small, but this is ridiculous.

I knew in January that I'd be doing this, but yes, I left it till last minute.

There are glimpses of prettiness to inspire me to carry on.


jean said...

ohmy, oh my, you ever sound like your mother..just wants the control and willing to do it yourself to have it! We are too much alike!

mari said...

bet you two had fun decorating at home for christmas - M took over the organizing of my mini village display (the one I'VE been collecting for the past 5 years)... I'm having a hard time letting go..

elzee said...

Jed took over my village a few years ago, and as a result it stays out all year long. That's why this year I took it to the church and placed it on the ledge at the back of the stage. :)

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