Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guilty until proven innocent.

The D sisters were subpoenaed for further investigation on suspicion of abnormalities.

My follow-up investigative mammography also included an ultrasound. It's just a precaution they told me. It'll likely be nothing but they tend to over investigate just to be sure. Because it was my first mammogram, they had nothing to compare it to and all breasts are different in composition.

Apparently only the girl on the left was suspicious, and she was subjected to close scrutiny. While this was still relatively painless, it was significantly more "involved" than the original procedure.

Over the course of the weekend, I heard from others and read on the internet about numerous cases of recalls for further investigation. "Don't lose sleep over it," the receptionist told me, "it happens all the time. It even happened to me."

I went to the doctor for the results today. Apparently the left sister remains on the suspect list and will not be released on bail until a surgeon visits with her. I await his appointment.

My doc is still encouraging me not to lose too much sleep as he can't feel anything. But we shall proceed on the presumption of guilt until a biopsy proves innocent.


GraceeJ said...

They are probably just treating Lefty that way because they are jealous. Did you look? Are they all small B's and less? Cause those girls are always jealous and have to make you feel bad for not being "teeny tiny" too. :)
Praying for Lefty anyways just to be sure ;)

mari said...

hey! I'm not jealous! Don't stereotype the teeny tiny's!

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