Friday, August 29, 2008

I am not a girly girl.

It's true. I am not a girly girl. I don't care for pink much. I don't like floral stuff, lace and frills and floof. How is one supposed to spell floof? Phloof? Flooph? Fluuf? I thought that it was a real word but it always underlines in a red squiggly line. Perhaps that's just part of the floof. I looked it up and found it in the Urban Dictionary. It means female fart?? Anyway, I digress....

But I do love flowers. Brandi and Kore sent me some the other day. They were beautiful. I posted them as my Facebook profile pic cuz I loved them. Ummm, apparently Brandi didn't.

They were nothing like she ordered - not in size nor composition. I didn't know that, nor did I particularly care cuz I thought they were wonderful. She emailed and sent them my Facebook profile picture along with a copy of her order. Now, I thought I had trained my children not to complain unnecessarily. Apparently she wasn't listening that day. And as a result I got a new delivery today of huge bouquet with an apology note attached saying they were sorry for the gift I had received.


The original bouquet

The apology


GraceeJ said...

hmmm...the second one is lovely, but I still think I like the mistake on better. She should complain again :)

b said...

I thought they were both beautiful but the PINK one rules hehe

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