Friday, August 15, 2008

One thing always leads to another.

The renovations are really coming along nicely, but we are still in the "boy stage" of working: boards and nails and pipes and wires. The "girl stage" is just beginning: I ordered the new siding, soon we'll pick paint colours, the cabinets will be installed - you know ... the pretty stuff.

A few weeks ago the plumber had to access the pipes in our upstairs bathroom to tie in the new downstairs bathroom. This meant removing a sheet of Ceramalite tile board that our bathroom walls are made of and the gyproc underneath it.

When the plumbing job was finished, rather than buy a new sheet of gyproc to replace the old stuff, Alb figured that since it will be under the ceramalite he would just use a piece of gyproc that had come from Jed's old bedroom when he dismantled it in the basement.

Jed likes felt markers. His old bedroom walls held interesting evidence of his various moods and artistic abilities. There were written out prayers, and swears, and doodles and undecipherables. But this didn't matter cuz it was going to be covered up .... eventually.

As days passed, visitors would dig around for pens and add their 2 cents worth to the wall. And I liked it. I even bought coloured pens and keep them on the back of the toilet. I told Alb that when I redo the kitchen/hallway I think I'll incorporate a "Graffiti Wall" in the hall near the back door. It'll be like a guestbook - only funky and visible. But further contemplation made me realize that people really have their most creative moments with their pants around their ankles.
And so the bathroom graffiti wall will remain. Even after it gets remodeled.


mari said...

chalk board paint.. use it!

elzee said...

No, that's erasable. I want permanent records of those who pee at my house.

mari said...

lol - that's... different. :)

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