Tuesday, June 24, 2008

... and now it's confirmed.

Yes it's official and even confirmed. I am an old person.

Jade asked me if I remember the first thing I ever said to her. I can recall exactly where I was standing, what she was wearing and what I was thinking, but I do not recall my first conversation with her. She took pleasure in reminding me:

"I am not ready to be a Grandma," was apparently part of the conversation. After she reminded me of this, she then asked if I will be ready by February. Yes! Yes! I'm ready now.

So I am grandma to a little tadpole sized child who is due to breath it's first breath on February 23rd, which is Grandpa Ernie's 82nd birthday. How cool is that.

I phoned to tell Connie that from this point forward we shall be called Granny and Grumpy Ziemer. She responded with, "Does Albert want to be called Granny?"

I arrived home from work today to find that Alb had some left over concrete after pouring the floor of Jed's basement suite. He made me a name plate for my parking spot in the back.


b said...

awwww! that's so exciting! Congratulations. I read your blog out to Peter and he said...yeah, I guess it's a first for those young'uns eh?...

Diva M said...
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elzee said...

I may not suit "Granny" but I'll make it suit me. I will make granny cool, I will. Yes I will.

There are tons of GrandmaZee's and Grandma Ziemers already. I wanna be Granny. :)

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