Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What if God were writing the bible today?

Sometimes I think too much.

I don't necessarily stress about the "what ifs" and "if onlys". But my mind gets off into tangents about "how come" and "just imagines".

I will admit I have never read the entire bible from beginning to end, but I've probably read everything in it at one time or another. I find myself occasionally thinking, "What if God were writing the bible today. What would He include. What would he dismiss as trivial?"

He included the few verses about Jabez that have recently become widespread. He went on and on about the Children of Israel's journey. He briefly mentions how he called Solomon "Jedidiah". He gives great detail about heaven in His revelation to John.

When one considers what if God were writing the bible today - what would He include? What would need great detail? What would be inserted as a 2-verse notation. What would He purposely not record?

If God were writing the bible today, I cannot help but think that Stephen Harper's apology to the First Nation's people of Canada today would somehow be recorded in more than just a passing notation.

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