Friday, June 13, 2008

Dollar Daze

Remember the first time you entered a "dollar" store in the 90's when they first burst onto the scene? It was amazing. You could actually buy things for a dollar - wrapping paper, school supplies, household items, party supplies, candles... the list goes on. It took a few trips for us to realize that many dollar items were not actually worth a dollar, but we learned to by-pass the candles, soaps and cleaners that stink and don't work and get the bargain items worthy of a loonie.

I was getting my blood pressure checked in the mall last night and decided to run across the hall from Shopper's Drugs to the dollar store. I needed some small hangers for the 5 flower girl dresses I am just finishing.

Low and behold if the dollar store is not moving out of the mall to down town, so they have a 50% off sale. Yes .. 50% off a dollar! I actually filled a basket to the point of stuff falling out all over the place and had to set it up by the check-out while I filled a second basket. I spent 50 bucks and could barely carry all my treasures to my car.

While my treasures are not exactly exciting items in themselves, they are things I needed to get in the next 40 days before the wedding and finding them for 50 cents was quite a thrill for me.

I got napkins, and disposable plates & bowls, and insoles. Yes, insoles. I previously bought 3 pairs at Walmart for 4 bucks each for the boots and shoes I am making for the wedding party. I got 'em for 50 cents!

Okay, so I don't get out much. That much is evident by my enthusiasm over an outing to the dollar store.

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