Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They always warned me not to skip breakfast.

As a child I remember disliking a number of foods: peanut butter, watermelon, cucumbers, green peppers. I don't recall us kids ever being forced to eat anything. My husband's family was the opposite, they had to try some of everything on the table. As adults, my family will eat just about anything and everything - and a fast as we can. Alb's family has a number of picky eaters.
Coincidence? Possibly.

A couple of weeks ago, Alb asked me if I'd had one of Tim Horton's new slow roast beef sandwiches. "They're quite, good," he said. Then the other day he commented how he and Jed had gone to Timmy's for lunch and had slow roast beef sandwiches. "Have you had one yet? They're quite good. Except the horseradish is maybe a little strong."

Now I had see them on tv ... they are covered in onions and mushrooms - Alb's 2 least favourite foods in all the world, so I knew this must be a fantastic sandwich for him to go back twice and be willing to flick the onions and mushrooms off.

I am in the midst of a 6-week stint of Jenny's Friends & Family Biggest Loser Fat Camp Challenge. But I decided I'd have a slow roast sandwich on my way to art class. (I find I need to eat on the way to class or else I'm pretty hungry by the time the 4 hours is up.) Not knowing the calorie count or fat content of the said sandwich, I skipped breakfast to make up for it. (Dumb idea, I know - this is why I am not leading the challenge)

I was starving and running a little late by the time I received my sandwich and coffee. I sunk my teeth into my nice warm sandwich. Ahh..aaarrg. What the heck? It tastes like mildew. The onions that look fried were so cold they were nearly frozen. The horseradish is obviously not the brand I buy and enjoy the flavour of. I dunno what concoction of spices the bun was rolled in.

I threw it back in the box on the passenger seat. I can't eat that! But as I neared my class, I knew I was late and didn't have to time get something else and I'd be shaking and seeing spots by the end of class if I didn't eat it, so I forged ahead. By now the warm roast had transferred its heat to the onion goop so the whole thing was just kinda room temperature.

I forced myself to eat the entire thing, washing each bite down with the delicious black goodness in my cup. But I have to say that was the most disgusting unharmonious blend of flavours that has passed my lips in a very long time.

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