Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Honk honk!

As a general rule, all of my work shifts start at noon. If I were a person able to sleep in, this would be an absolute luxury. Even though I don't sleep in, I do enjoy going to work at this time - except for the drive to work on school days.

This means I am driving through the John McInnis school zone at precisely the same time the kids get out and head to the corner store or Panago for lunch. Even though there are crosswalks and lights at the corner, 90% of the kids choose to randomly step into traffic in the middle of the block. For three years now, I have managed to remain calm and meander along amongst the kids. Although I will say that my urge ranges from screaming at them, to phoning the school, to wanting to have a stack of 5 dollar bills in my car one day and jump out at the intersection and reward the relatively few kids who use the crosswalk. - Of course my suppressed urge totally depends on where I am in my PMS cycle.

Today I made it through the regular throng of kids to the intersection where my light was red - soon to turn green, because the oncoming traffic was coming through but they also had a left turning light.

Two kids, who had the brains to walk to crosswalk but obviously didn't know that the red hand light means "do not cross right now," stepped in front of my car without so much as looking at the oncoming traffic, ignoring the fact that they could have crossed the street in the direction I was headed. (a street they had to cross anyway)

My light turned green just as they were right in front of me. I probably could have exercised patience if they were making an effort to get out of the way, but they nearly stopped in the middle of the street, chatting away to each other. I laid on my horn. Now, this is a foreign-car gentle horn - I was wishing at that moment for a Mac Truck air horn. But it did the job. The kids jumped so high, it actually scared me.

I laughed out loud. Ha ha. I still chuckle when I envision their faces.

How sad and childish.

Drivers with cellphones in parking lots is near the top of my list of pet peeves.

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