Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm so full.

We just returned home after 4 glorious food-filled days in Vancouver with Brandi & Kore. I may not eat for another week.

We arrived on Friday to the aroma of roasting pork - Kore's successful attempt to prove himself worthy of the role of head chef at the wedding. As if we weren't stuffed enough, we later cruised the streets of the city in search of dessert. And dessert we found!

Right there on the corner of Broadway and Alma was a little piece of heaven: a dessert only restaurant, True Confections. Mmm mm m. The hard part was choosing between cake, pie and cheesecake. The coffee is good too.

Rather than stuff myself sick eating the entire 15 inch piece of melt-in-your-mouth goodness, I saved half of it for breakfast. But of course did not eat it for breakfast because we awoke to the sumptuous smells of coffee, eggs, hash browns and toast which we ate on the sunny balcony over looking the city with the mountains in the background.

Lest the calories go straight to the hips and butt, Kore marched us all over town, to the point of blisters, before our excursion up Grouse mountain. Where we proceeded to linger over a lovely feast of appies and drinks whilst viewing the beautiful city and English Bay from up above. Way way up above.

I managed to squeeze a tiny nap in on the devil couch (so called because no one can sit on it for more the 15 minutes without falling asleep) while Kore & Brandi prepared a magazine-worthy meal of goat cheese and cranberry stuffed turkey breast. Once again we dined above the city lights on the deck.

Sunday morning breakfast was a lighter faire: yogurt and berry sundaes. To keep our stomaches in shape for the pending evening meal at Hy's Steakhouse, we stretched them a little further with elegant pork roast sandwiches for our midday dining experience.

Hy's Steakhouse is truly a fantastic dining experience not to be missed. From the valet parking, to the indescribably glorious cheese bread, to salad dressing made at your table, to great steak and fabulous dessert all presented by the best waiter I have ever encountered, it was incredible.

Monday morning Jim, Barb and Kyle joined us for a spread of French toast, berries and whip cream along with a side of bacon before the guys headed for the golf course and we girls shopped till we dropped.

That evening, the Olive Garden did not disappoint as we gorged ourselves on bread sticks, salad and assorted Italian food. Topped off with a bottle of fine Italian red and the obligatory piece of tiramisu, worthy of it's reputation that goes before it.Kore asked why Olive Garden was my favourite. I didn't have a direct answer.
It just is.
Could be atmosphere. Could be taste. Could be price.
Could be that I fantasize about Italy.
Could be all of the above.

Doesn't it seem a sacrilege to play with your food at Olive Garden?
Them's holy morsels, Kyle!

Tuesday morning we had breakfast at Tim Horton's in Chilliwack and didn't even think about eating another thing until we got home and unpacked the leftover Olive Garden goodness.

All that and I only gained 2 pounds.

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