Friday, February 22, 2008

When black and white fades to grey.

Fifteen years ago, when we built our new ensuite in our old house, I got 4 new towels to co-ordinate with the room - black and white stripes. They were not too large and not too thick. Both Alb and I loved them and they are the first ones we grab when we shower. I'll even dig to the bottom of the stack for one.

Two of the four have disappeared and both the black and the white have faded to different shades of grey. There are bleached out spots and threadbare holes. There are blue splotches from God-knows-what. After toweling off, you have to put on flannel pjs or a terry bathrobe to soak up the remains of water that the towels can no longer absorb, but they are still our favourites.

When gathering things to create rags out of to clean the shack we just purchased, I cut up and replaced most of Albert's t-shirts and held the precious towels in my hands for a fleeting moment... but no. I just couldn't do it. I actually went to Costco and bought a bag of rags for 10 bucks and saved the towels.

This is what you'll find hanging on the towel bar in our bathroom:

Now, don't feel sorry for me, and run out and buy me new towels or anything. There are thick lush towels in the cupboard. It's just I don't like 'em the same. When people use our washroom, there is no fancy matching embroidered towels hanging neatly in a row to make you wonder if you are really allowed to wipe your hands on them.


jean said...

your dad also has towels in this category..well used and well loved...

mari said...

yes but we may wonder if we want to wipe our hands on them. lol

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