Friday, March 11, 2011

Pickin' through the stuff

“How can you carry anything in that?” I am often asked when people see my purse which is about the size of two boxes of Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese. I can’t. And that’s the whole point of being a small purse owner.
My purse holds my driver’s license, bank card, iPhone and a pack of gum. And really, what more does a girl need. Life has taught me there is just too much stuff to pack around. Take what you have to and discard the rest.

I refuse to head out shopping already weighted down with stuff bought last week. I will not face today with baggage from yesterday.

Last year I tried to be in vogue and bought myself a fashionable large leather bag. Everything I normally carry fit into one small pocket. I literally wandered through the house trying to find things to fill my new fashion statement with. A water bottle. A writing pad. A 10-pack of Kleenex. Just stuff. Stuff I knew I did not need in an average day yet I willingly chose to let it weigh me down. The purse lasted about a week and now sits on the floor in the bottom of my closet.

Life has given me stuff. Death. Cancer. Special needs son. Broken relationships. Trials and struggles. Just stuff. Stuff to weigh me down. At times I carry stuff like a fashion statement. A badge of honour. A token of survival. I willingly choose to let it weigh me down.

I’m learning to pick through the stuff and just take what I have to and discard the rest.

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