Saturday, March 5, 2011

Livin' the good life

As the Cougars wind up their regular season hockey games, Jed's time in the dressing room is coming to a close. I will call the GM next week to see if he'll be the dressing room attendant during the play-offs as well, and verify that things are good from their angle and hopefully they'll have him back next year.

He is really enjoying being accepted and included by the team. He often gets a ride home with one of the players and they are always teasing and joking with him like he's "one of the boys." It's been good for him.

This opportunity has also allowed him to cross paths with lots of celebrities which he normally would not.

Last week Heart was in town for a concert. Albert attended. Jed did not. However the Wilson sisters and the band attended a hockey game and Jed got to hang around them for the evening. (Not that he knew who they were - he's too young for that. But he does know the song Barracuda)

He did manage to get a free ticket to Toby Keith and George Canyon the following day. He decked himself out in his dad's cowboy hat and boots and headed off to the show. Witnesses say he enjoyed himself.

The other day as I was dropping him off for work at the CNCentre, a very large celebrity bus was just pulling into the parking lot as I drove away.

"Oh!" I thought, "If Jed turns a corner and bumps into Sarah McLachlan he is gonna think he's died and found himself in the arms of an angel."

But alas, it was not Sarah.

It was, however, Papa Roach and Buckcherry and others on the Jagermeister 2011 Tour. And the entire Cougar team was attending the concert that night and gave Jed a ticket and a ride. While the music didn't really cut it for him (thank you God) he was thrilled to hang out with the boys for the night.

Sarah was here the following day. Jed didn't get to see her up close and personal and he had to buy a ticket. He does insist it's the best $70 he's spent in a long time. He is absolutely certain Sarah sang "I Will Remeber You" directly to him, and was thrilled that "Arms of the Angel" was her encore song.

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