Friday, March 4, 2011

Bring on the two's....

He's a two year old unlike any other. Okay, I'm probably marginally biased and I am so so proud to be Xander's granny, but I really find him to be quite entertaining and brilliant. And cute too.

March 3rd was Xander's second birthday and the sixth is Jade's birthday. We combined them both and Thursday was dedicated party day. We started off with family breakfast at our house. Normally for birthdays we do family dinner, however Jade prefers breakfast foods and it worked better for everyone's schedule. (And that got Granny out of having to supply a cake)

Xander stayed and played with Granny for the afternoon while Mommy and Daddy went home and set up their house for his 4 o'clock party.

It was a full day and even Xander voluntarily climbed into bed at the end of it. Granny was pooped too!

He named each letter on his banner and insisted it spelled "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse."

The cake was a great co-operative effort by Daddy and Mommy
Happy Birthday Dear Xander! (And Mommy) Happy Birthday to you!

Loving his new puzzles. Each time he opened a present he wanted to play with it before opening another.

For months he's been telling me he wants a "Panda Puzz-oh" for his birthday. I looked as far away as Vancouver and couldn't find one anywhere.

Finally had to Photoshop a panda image and send it to Costco and have it turned into a puzzle.

He plays games with the big kids. (This is quite an advanced talent you know)

Looking cool in his biker jacket.

Aunty B keeps him stylin' with DC shoes and jeans

Wanted to be the birthday photographer.

Superman made an appearance.

The infamous kitchen unit that PaPa has had to renovate a room to accommodate.

Just so you don't think he's perfect, or that I am a pushover Granny ... he does get time-outs occasionally.

...when he does things like paint my floor.

He hates bright sunshine and has learned to love wearing sunglasses when the sun shines. He didn't have any in my car the other day so I put mine on him. He asked me "Am I a cool dude, Granny?" When I assured him he was, he nods confidently and says , "Yeah. I'm stylin'"

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