Sunday, August 29, 2010

165!! Holy Bleep, Batman!

Alb and I will be attending the wedding of Tineke and Len on September 23rd. Including the bride and groom, there will be 11 people in attendance. Not only are we attending, but Albert will be officiating the ceremony. This is very cool as he has never done such a thing before.

They were here last night going over the wedding details.

"Oh yeah," they casually mention. "Even though the location is called a park, it's really more like a hiking trail."

And then, as if it's a non-issue, she adds, "You may want to arrive a little bit early; there are one hundred and sixty five stairs leading up to the location."


Well that gives me three weeks to cram in some cardio. Not only do we have to be able to actually make it up the hill, each person there is required to make a speech. I fear I'll barely be upright, much less able to make an eloquent speech.

I stood at the top of my stairs to the basement and did the math: 11 steps. That means 15 times up them will be 165. I shall do this every day.

Somewhere about the 10th time up my basement stairs I was wheezing like I had whooping cough. I did manage to do full 15 flights, but the thought of saying anything more than my name made me want to puke.

I'm sure it'll be a short speech.

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