Friday, August 27, 2010

iResisted. iPondered. iCaved.

Back in May I dragged my hubby off to the mall to check into getting iPhones. After spending rediculous amounts of time in line-ups and in discussions with both Bell and Telus reps I decided I really couldn't justify them. I really don't use the cellphone I have all that much, and I was off work at the time while Jed was in the hospital.

"We can't afford them. Who knows how long I'm gonna end up being off work." I told my husband as we left the mall. And in a totally unplanned act of impulse we drove directly from the phone store to the Kia dealer and bought my brand new Soul. Okay, I admit financial prowess was never one of my strengths.

Then over the course of the summer, everywhere I turned, something else was pointing to the usefulness of having a smart phone. I began to realize "phone" really has nothing to do with it - people don't TALK on these things! As a matter of fact they use them to AVOID talking ... now we're talkin' my language.

Need a guitar tuner? A flashlight? A GPS? An automatic fart sound generator? Suddenly the six hundred dollar device that comes with a hundred-dollar-a-month user fee is starting to look a little more justifiable. It's no wonder when Apple announced the new 4G iPhone this summer they had 600,000 pre-ordered phones within 24 hours of the announcement. And when the phones hit the shelves in July they sold 1.7 million in the first three days.

It didn't take long once I began feeling flush with Jetta money burning a hole in my pocket for me to put my name on the 3-week waiting list for my very own fart sound generating guitar tuner.

...and I STILL haven't bought any new shoes.  

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