Thursday, May 27, 2010


We had a video conference with Dr Humer from Kelowna this morning. There was talk of discharging Jed today however, Dr Humer has requested he stay in hospital here until Saturday when he will be flown to Kelowna.
Monday he will be put under general anesthetic for another bronchoscope. They will take a larger biopsy and try to inflate the lung a bit so they can get a better idea of how far into the lung tissue the tumour is. The bulb part of the tumour appears to be about an inch and half or so. It is located right where the bronchial tube enters the lung and is blocking air from entering.

The top lobe of the lung looks pretty good but they cannot tell the condition of the lower portion because it is collapsed. They are still fairly certain it is benign but the official results have not come back from pathology yet.
Dr Humer thinks that he'll likely have the surgery close to the end of next week. however, they won't decide that for sure until after they do the bronchoscope. They may want to let the lung rest and heal from the pneumonia for a bit, which could be days or weeks.
For now it is just nice to have a bit of a confirmed schedule so we can make some plans. It has been a huge blessing to have Brandi here all week. She will fly out tomorrow morning to a previously planned conference in Whistler.

Thanks to all for your prayers, love and good wishes. ~ Jed, Albert & Liana

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Velma said...

Just to let you know that you're all in my prayers here in PNG.
And yes, Jed really has lost weight.:-) I last saw him in the fall of 2008.
God bless you with His endurance and joy in the tough times.
Love, Velma

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