Wednesday, May 26, 2010

K-town here we come. Sometime. Maybe.

It's looking more and more like Jed's surgical destination will be Kelowna. However, they tell me that nothing is set in stone until his plane leaves the ground.

Tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 8:30 we have a video conference with a thoracic surgical team from Kelowna. This is essentially the doctor/patient office visit done 21st century style. Jed is not too thrilled that his mother and sister are going to attend the event. But as you know life isn't always a bucket of thrills.

Hopefully after this meeting we will have a few more details like the size of the tumour, the expected length of hospital stay, and most importantly a departure time. But for now we know he won't be leaving before tomorrow morning so I can relax a bit and quite worrying about missing a phone call.

Jed is doing pretty good. He has had his IV removed because he is no longer receiving intravenous antibiotics and he is staying hydrated. He was not too impressed with no longer having an IV pole to drag around the hallways. He has managed to convince the nursing staff that he is weak and has a sore back and needs a walker if they expect him to get his daily exercise.

He tottered along like an old man out to the parking lot yesterday to check out my new Grannymobile.

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