Friday, January 22, 2010

When babies make babies.

"You do not have to marry him," my mother emphasized as she slammed on the brakes in the middle of the highway on our way to work that morning.

I immediately realized that perhaps winter driving on the highway wasn't the safest moment to tell someone their 16-year-old daughter was pregnant. Safe practices obviously weren't my strong point.

Just weeks before, when I had come home sporting a diamond on my left hand my parents were supportive of my choice of a lifemate - balking at the idea of a January wedding and trying their darndest to encourage us to wait, but supportive none-the-less.

"No, Mom. I want to marry him. That's why I made a baby - not vice versa."

"Well... is January soon enough?" I knew she'd come around to my way of thinking.

Within a week the wedding cake was designed and I had a little white hand knit sweater set. My mom's the best.

That was January 1982.

Tomorrow, the 23rd, is our 28th wedding anniversary. And it's been good. Well, I can almost guarantee you that it's been gooder for me than for him, but it has been good.

And we made good babies. And last year we learned that our babies make good babies.

Life is good because God is good. I luv yoe baby! Here's to many many more!


jean said...

well, I , for one, am very glad you married him..congrats to you and a great son-in-law! you do make beautiful babies!

Anonymous said...

does that mean Eds still not sure??? :<{()~~~~~~~~

jean said...

Ed can speak for himself but I think your safe! lol

Diva M said...

here here!!!

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