Friday, January 8, 2010

I'll blog tomorrow

This is a handwritten blog.

Seriously, I am going to completely handwrite this entry without touching my keyboard.
My new Windows 7 computer arrived today. I have used a Wacom tablet instead of a mouse for a few years now, but this takes it to a whole new level

Above is a screen capture of me using the pen to handwrite the blog entry - I write/print in my terribly messy handwriting and the computer converts it to legible typing and then inserts it when I click on insert. To delete something you just draw a line through it.

I know most of you cannot understand how I prefer to use a tablet, and if it weren't for my husband occasionally sharing my computer, I would not even have a mouse attached. But this ... well this is simply amazing. Come for coffee and check it out - I cannot do it justice here on the blog.

All that being said - I am overwhelmed by this day and I think I will call it quits and perhaps blog tomorrow about the stress involved in getting a new computer, starting a photography class with an SLR when you've only ever point-and-shot before. And car shopping. Yes car shopping.

It's been a very big day. I'm exhausted but I know I won't sleep - that's where a glass of wine and a movie come in handy.

Talk to ya tomorrow....

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Anonymous said...

OK it's Jan 13... enough already

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