Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The junk drawer gets snippy with me.

Scissors and socks, they say, have a way of just vanishing on their own. I've heard the dryer get blamed for eating at least one of sock from every load of clothes. This used to be frustrating years ago for mothers everywhere as the "sock basket" filled with singles whose mate had disappeared. One could not throw out the singling because, sure as anything, the day you do the mate would wander back into your life.

The only way to avoid this frustration was to buy only one brand of one colour, so all socks matched.

But the current generation has put an end to this crazy frustration by deciding that socks do not have to match. Grabbing any two that don't have holes is considered a pair. Some will even go out of their way to ensure left and right are not identical. I'm a little to old to play this game, however I can see the logic.

Scissors are another story. Where do they go?? Apparently to the back of my junk drawer with all the missing pens.

The said junk drawer had the phonebook crammed into it one too many times and eventually just gave out the other day. The back of the drawer just let loose, creating the need for my husband to dump it out on the counter and nail it back together.

"You might wanna sort through that crap and decide what really needs to be in that drawer," he suggested to me. "I don't think you need 11 pair of scissors close at hand."

Eleven pair?? Where did those come from? I think there must have been a secret compartment where they all hid out until the bottom fell off. There is no way I could have stored up 11 pair of scissors. Is there?


jean said...

only 11 pair..wait till your my age. every corner of the house, every cupboard needs at least one pair..just in case something needs cut open in that said cupboard or space.

mari said...

LOL - it's easier to pick up a new pair than find an old pair!

elzee said...

I think this addiction probably comes from the fact that I can NEVER find scissors at work so every time I see them on sale I buy them for home. lol

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