Sunday, February 8, 2009

Purging the 'puter desk.

Three and a half years ago, when we moved into this house, Alb built me a great custom computer desk. There's cupboard to house my laser printer, a wide roll out shelf for keyboard/tablet/mouse and more, shelving for various paper, a cupboard for CDs and DVDs, built in lighting and three large drawers.

I love the drawers, but the roll-out glides were never strong enough for the large sized drawers and it was difficult to open and close them. Thus, they were perma-open about 6 inches each and I'd just cram stuff in the narrow opening with the full intention of organizing it all "some day."

Yesterday he replaced the glides with a more heavy duty style. Of course he needed the drawers to be empty to do this and so there became a mountain of stuff piled on my living room floor for me to sort through.

Holy crap, I can't believe some of the stuff that has accumulated in 3 years. You would not believe my collection of post-it note pads. I don't even use post-it notes. I have grocery receipts - what could possibly have been my motive for keeping them? I have packages of Inkjet Photo Paper. I've had colour laser printers for at least 5 years. That's long before this desk was even built.

There were pages and pages of projects and lessons from the online Photoshop courses I've taken. Nothing numbered. Nothing organized. If I were to try to use them I'd probably start creating a business card and end up with a digital snowflake or something.

I threw out a leaf bag full of papers and stuff. It was insane.

I gathered all the cords and wires into one box. I have an amazing array of USB cords, power adapters, firewires, phone jacks, high speed insulators, networking cables etc. I kept them all just in case.

I disposed of any empty CD cases with missing disks. Gone are all the driver disks for past computers and components. I discarded my Windows ME disk. My collection of of Norton Antivirus programs was depleted to just the current version.

I was on a de-clutter rampage! And it feels so good to have purged.


Anonymous said...

I have worked with teckeis for more than 30 years. I have seen how they have grown. You have not grown the way I have seen. You are a teckie. How did it happen?

elzee said...

I am not sure who you are, or why you are asking me this. Are you saying I have not grown in intelligence and knowledge? Or maturity?

If you know me, you can not possibly be insinuating that I have not grown in size.....

carmenrose said...

Awww, is that a Linden on your desktop? Great desk btw

b said...

sounds like I right?
I would like to purge my whole basement lol the little storage room is still packed full of half emptied rummaged through boxes of stuff...and important china! but mostly just stuff.

elzee said...

Yes Linden currently graces my desktop ... for a few days til Baby X arrives.

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