Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm SAD. And it's making me bitchy.

Being gullible is probably one of my biggest fears in life. Getting sucked in by gimmicks and gadgets, and movements and causes is not something I fall easily into. As a result, I'm kind of a skeptic and treat anything new as suspect until it proves itself worthy.

Take for example the Go Lite - an alleged natural relief for winter blues, low energy and sleep problems.

I bought one about four years ago. It's still new. I haven't even given it a chance to prove itself. But there are people who swear by it so I think I'll give it a chance this year. I've been suffering a bit from SAD, I think. That's Seasonal Affective Disorder. And once again that's something I'm a bit skeptical about - it seems there's a disorder for every mood and emotion.

But I hate winter and by February I always have had just about all I can take. I think perhaps this year is a bit worse because I've been so cold all the time since I've started taking tamoxifen. (Where or where, I wonder, are the promised hot flashes?)

Some years I have found it helpful to sign up for a couple hundred tanning minutes to "soak up some c-cells" as I used to affectionately refer to it. However, since my body is already fighting cancer cells, I think it's probably best not to encourage their growth by soaking more up.

I just want little Baby X to be born. I think that will be the perfect little ray of sunshine that I need to perk me up.


Terri said...

these lights are awsome...My Grandfather bought 2 when he was living up in Inuvik because in the winter they have no daylight. He loves it. I highly recomend using it if you are feeling blue. While watching the hockey game just turn it on.

Patti said...

Let me give that light a go! I've got alot more to be sad about than you do. I'm facing 4 feet of snow in my back yard as I write this, and it won't be gone until May. My children haven't even dated yet (at 21 and 23), and so there is no "little ray of sunshine" to brighten my February this year. Boo Hoo, woa is me...I'm so SAD!!!

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