Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I demand a refund!

It's tax time. I've wasted most of today trying to file my taxes with the Not-so-QuickTax software. Every year I buy QuickTax standard and it's a simple matter of plunking in some numbers and voila! the government owes me money back.

Things are a little more complicated this year. I got part way through entering stuff and realized that Standard QuickTax was not going to cut it for a year when you buy and sell a rental house, then turn your residence into a partial rental house, get a government grant, and you carry over disability amounts from an adult dependant. And what to do with the capital losses left over from selling the 100 acres?

With a few magic clicks of the mouse and disclosure of my Visa number I upgraded to QuickTax Platinum. I'm still just as lost - but thirty one dollars broker.

So now it's decision time: Do I just file with whatever way gives me the biggest refund. Do I throw in the towel and hire an accountant. Do I just pretend the whole rental house thing never happened and hold my breath for seven years hoping that I don't get audited.

Deep breath... and hold....


carmenrose said...

Accountants are cool. I vote accountant.

rayban68 said...

I vote biggest return possible - then you'll have the $$ to pay the fine if they come after you!

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