Thursday, March 18, 2010

I hereby do solemnly swear...

Here I am.

It amazes me still that I get an average 30 or so readers at my blog each day. Especially so, since I've really dropped the ball in recent months. But I plan to make a comeback.

Here's the story: my computer is located in the geographical center of my home. I find it difficult to write or stay focused if there is anything going on at home. I love a nice quiet evening where I hear nothing but the tapping of my keyboard and the clicking of the ultra-loud-$5.99-clock from Walmart that hangs on the wall behind me. These times have been rare indeed in the past year. But all that changed about a week ago.

A week?? You exclaim. A week of quiet evenings has gone by and I've yet to blog??

Well yeah. The other requirement for writing is that I have to feel a little bit humorous as well. I don't want to come across as simply complaining as I broadcast the events of my life across the vast expanse of cyber space. I strive to be entertaining and complaining. And this past week I have been really quite sick and not at all entertaining.

But alas here's my new resolve: I do hereby solemnly swear to blog at least 7 times a month.

C'mon quite your whining. Seven is enough. I don't think I've blogged 7 times yet this year. And 7 times a month is every 4 or 5 days - something we both can live with.

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